Communication automation: chatbots for customer support

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06/06 (Thursday) 11:00 (CET)

Agnes Hyla

IT Team Manager

Let's talk about chatbots in communication

It's crazy how quickly do communication patterns change these days, due to Internet accessibility and growing online competition. Customers change their approach to reaching out to chosen companies and service providers. They are the ones who decide on the communication channel, time and goal.

Chatbots are a way to let them do it. Digital giants like Amazon and Google show, that AI based chatbots and voice user interfaces are not only the future, but the new reality of Customer Care.

What will you learn

Customers Needs

Customers Needs change as communication patterns change. Learn what are they now and how you can make your customer service department work towards meeting them.

In order to meet your customers needs you need to make some improvement in how your company communicates with people online. Learn 6 important tips on how chatbots can help you with that.

Improving communications

You're not sure what chatbots are and how do they differ? Learn about two basic groups of chatbots and the most important differences in how they work and what results they can provide.

Chatbot types

Chatbot value

The most important thing you have to do before implementing a chatbot is to have a very specific, clear goal of the implementation. Learn what value do chatbots bring into the company ang how can you use them.

There are many different ways of chatbots implementation, depending on what your company market and specifics are. We chose two of them to showcase how you can use different chatbot types to reach your company customer service goals.

Implementation process

You believe there is value in chatbots? We can show you the way and help to make the first step with a safety net of our experience.

First steps


long webinar

possible chatbot coverage


workshop about chatbot implementation


About the speaker

Agnieszka Hyla, IT Team Manager at LEOCODE. Focused on team management and growth. Interested in introducing agile approach and lean management as efficiency boosters. Energetic, proactive, extremely organized, on everyday basis leads a team of 20 IT professionals developing 6 digital projects. Believes that a well-coordinated team can achieve anything with a little motivation and inspiration.

Chatbot designer and enthusiast. Experienced with ChatFuel bots, Advisero’s Humanized and Wellbot, human - chatbot interactions design.Focused on: NLP, voice user interfaces, making chatbots smarter.

About the LEOCODE

At LEOCODE We are a true lions pride. A team of committed, down to earth professionals. We value honesty, diligence and strength of character. We create digital tools and products that help companies to rise to a new level of presence on the market. Our motto is to act wisely to maximize profits and minimize losses.

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